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Meet the Owner, Laina Bridges, aka Head Queen in Charge. Laina is originally from Austin, Tx ,the music capitol of the world, and now resides in Houston, Tx. She obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a minor in English at the University of Texas at Arlington and obtained a Bachelors is Science in Nursing at Texas Woman’s University in Houston, Tx. 


“You are BRAVER than you BELIEVE, STRONGER than you seem, and SMARTER than you think.”-Unknown


Laina found love and compassion in caring for the tiny feet of micro-preemies and very ill children under 2 years old.  Even with the influence of an amazing nursing career, Laina desired and expected so much more in life. Laina surrounded herself with meditation and spirituality, and traveled to places solo with research and confidence. What better place to start out a new venture than Thailand? We'll wait... While in Thailand, her state of mind guided her spirit to create Travel Queens; which promotes safe, solo travel for all lovers of travel. Upon return to the states, Laina obtained LLC status within 7 days, and here we are now,  Travel Queens, LLC! 


“Wanderlust: a strong desire or urge to travel & explore the world.” - Unknown // Travel Queen(s), LLC formed in February 2019, by Laina Bridges. Safe, solo, travel will forever be our first love here at Travel Queen(s). Ever had friends or family say, “I can’t go because...” A, B, C, D (all of the above)? Well, we are here to help you: find deals on worldwide flights/accommodations, be your source of blogg(etry) on worldwide destinations visited and written by our Queen(s), and link up with other travelers in our Chat Room. 

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